When is the Right Time to Do Immune Cell Banking?

Immune cell banking has become the talk of the era, and many of the present-day educated class are coming forward to store their healthy cells in private cell banking companies. However, many people have serious doubts as regards the age when they should opt for the same. Without any doubt, the best time for the extraction and storing of the immune cells is when the related person is comparatively young, and the body-metabolism is perfect. This is the pragmatic way to make sure that the cells that you prefer to keep in the immune cell bank stay healthy for a very long period.

The idea behind the cell banking system is to preserve the immune cells when the overall body mechanism is perfectly fit for using the same for solving the critical medical conditions that may occur at a later phase in one’s life. Practically, when the immune cells are young, they will be naturally energetic and healthful. Such cells will have more healthy T cells that the cells of an old or sick human body. Consequently, it is only sensible to preserve the immune cells when the related individual is healthy and young. So it is practically sensible to opt for the immune cell banking when you are young and healthy. That said, if you come from a family that has a history of getting fatal diseases like cancer, there is a possibility that you may also fall as a prey to the same sickness. It’s a fact that one’s immune system will grow moldy as age increases, and this will cut down the levels of B cells and T cells in the bone marrow and thymus, which is the specific lymphoid organ, the integral part of the immune system. Similarly, the function of the developed lymphocytes found in the secondary lymphoid tissues will decrease. Another main benefit of storing the immune cells at an early age is that the immune system will be damaged when one gets dangerous diseases like cancer. The cancer treatment methods like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc., will damage the immune cells. Hence, it is only sensible to opt for the immune cell storage system at an early age before you get any disease symptoms.

In general, there are two options available for the immune cell banking; either you can choose the single plan or a plan that will include your spouse. It will be financially beneficial to opt for the joint plan as many of the top cell banking companies offer the same at discounted prices. The entailed process of this immune cell storing system is not at all complicated; it is more or less the same as donating your blood. The collection process of blood will be intravenous. Then this blood will undergo the processing treatment; this is to isolate the PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells). These cells hold the immune cells. The next process is the storing of the collected immune cells; the storage will be at (-196) degree Celsius. This storage arrangement is perfect, and the cells will remain without any change in the constitution for a very, very long period.

Immune Cell Storing Method Must be Flawless

The collected immune cells must stay precisely perfect, and only then they will become fit for treating diseases. The cells must not damage or lose their inherent power. The technology applied must be precisely in sync with the rules and standards of cGMP. Hence, while selecting a private cell bank, one must be watchful and avoid potential problems. You must count the experience, educational background, and the overall popularity of the management. The company must have the best automated immune cell banking system, which has the incorporation of the state of the art storage technology. In short, it should be the most professionally managed company. The company must have a global outlook and network. You must check the credentials of the top management personnel as this is the practical way to assess the professional expertise. The most senior managers must have adequate experience in life science, pharmaceutical, and stem cell banking arena. They must have high qualifications in immunology. The best bet to find such a leading cell banking company is to search through the internet.

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