What Services Does an Emergency Dentist Provide?

Usually, a dental emergency is an extremely painful dental situation where it is too difficult to wait. During emergencies, many people do not have the idea of where to go. In these painful situations, you have to aware of finding the emergency clinics to get relief from painful symptoms are reduce the risk of permanent dental damage. You should be aware that the emergency dentist Springfield VA provides emergency dental care services during regular hours. If you require dental emergency treatment after regular hours or experience major dental trauma, a jaw injury or significant bleeding, call the emergency care number or rush to the nearest hospital immediately. It is best to give a call during business hours for scheduling an appointment for emergency treatment. The emergency dentists will be determining the root cause of the problem, alleviating the pain as early as possible and will check if any further treatment is required for preventing future problems.

Type of Emergency Dental Services Offered

Various services that are required to treat during a dental emergency such as persistent pressure, structural dental damage, tooth pain and other problems that may worsen or lead to permanent damage if not treated immediately. Please keep in mind that an emergency dentist Springfield VA can provide numerous general emergency services during regular hours. Dentists provide various dental services to get relief from various general dental conditions and concerns that are mentioned below.

Broken and Fractured Teeth

If you are having broken or fractured teeth, you must get treatment immediately for avoiding a dental infection or additional damage. For teeth with jagged edges due to damage, it is recommended to cover the edge with a dental wax for protecting your mouth and then calling to the office for scheduling the earliest possible appointment.

Knocked-Out Teeth

If you are having knocked-out teeth, take immediate help so that the dentist can able to re-implant the tooth and restore your smile. The first step is to find and gather all the tooth fragments then rinse with warm and try to put back in its socket while only touching the crown. For more instructions contact the clinic.

Sensitive Teeth

If your sensitive tooth annoys you occasionally, then urgent care is not required. However, extremely sensitive teeth are often caused due to fracture or an infection that requires treatment immediately.


You should not overlook a toothache especially if it involves intense pressure, earache, fever or other painful symptoms.

Decay in Tooth

If you are experiencing pain from tooth decay, emergency dentist Springfield VA can able to treat the cavity and provide the relief you need and the same time will also figure out whether further treatment will be required or not.

Loose or Missing Fillings

You need to rush to a dentist immediately if you are having loose or missing feelings because the problem will make your teeth more susceptible to pain, sensitivity, decay and damage if left untreated. Please contact your dentist immediately so that it is treated at the earliest.

A Dental Abscess

It is also known as an infection at the root of the tooth, a dental abscess is caused due to gum disease, tooth decay or some type of trauma. It often leads to swollen neck glands, swelling of the gums and face, fever, bad breath and tooth pain sensitive teeth. It must be treated at the earliest or else there will be major complications.

Orthodontic Injury, Pain or Pressure

Emergency dentist Springfield VA can provide relief from all sorts of orthodontic problems if you are facing as well repair braces when required for preventing subsequent problems.

Worn-Down Tooth Enamel from Grinding Teeth

Many people are having worn-down teeth from grinding their teeth. When this condition termed as bruxism become a serious issue, dentists can help in alleviating the damage by providing a protective night guard.

Uncomfortable Sinus Pressure

Often dental pain and sinus pressure go hand in hand. If you are suffering from these symptoms, visit a dentist and make sure they are not caused due to an impacted wisdom tooth or a dental infection.

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