Three Essential Self Massage Tools

In order to buy the best self massage tool, you need to consider your unique requirements. You will need to consider if you need the massager to heal intense muscle pain, dissolve muscle knots, or find relief from sore muscles. You will also need to consider how often you wish or need to use the massager, its features, and cost.

Here are three essential self massage tools you can consider.

Percussion Massager

Percussion massager is the best self massage tool you can use. It is ideal for relieving different kinds of muscle pain. You can use it for recovery post intense athletic training sessions or workouts. These are also ideal to dissolve muscle knots, heal sore muscles, and provide quick relief from tired muscles at the end of the day.

Percussion massagers are named after the percussive action of the massage heads. The massage heads are fitted with ball or cone attachments that knead the muscles with a percussive (to-and-fro) action.

You can use large, medium, or small ball attachments as per the intensity of the muscle pain or soreness. Large ball heads are perfect for deep tissue massages. Medium and small ball heads are ideal for relieving mild to low-intensity muscle pains. Coneheads can focus the percussive action on a tiny area for a more intense pressure on the painful muscles. It can be ideal to use on the shoulders and the back of the neck.

Another benefit of using a percussion massager is that it comes with multiple speed settings. You can use high, medium, or low speeds as per your requirements. You can use the low-speed settings for relieving everyday muscle tension and fatigue.

Percussion massagers are great for almost all muscle groups especially back, shoulders, legs, arms, and back of the neck. These self massagers are easy to hold and use.

Percussion massagers are battery-operated. So, you need not apply any force to use it.

Massage Stick

Sticks or rollers are easy to use massage tools. You can use them by yourself on the feet, shins, hamstrings, and inner thighs. To use it on the neck, back, and other muscle groups; you will need to buy a roller that comes attached with a handle. The handle makes it a good handheld massage tool.

Ensure that you buy rollers that are not too noisy or hard. You can opt for the massager with a contoured design on the stick for a deeper massage. The contoured and non-flexible surface of the roller allows the user to better control the pressure and the compression on the muscles.

You can use the stick for mild massages. Rollers are not battery-operated. So, the performance of the massager will depend on the pressure you apply via it.

Massage Balls

Massage balls are best for reducing tension, fatigue, and soreness from muscles. You can also use it post your workout or training session to help your muscles recover.

You need to use your own body’s weight to use the massage balls. You can find great variations in massage balls. You can choose the spiked ones for deeper massages. These are especially beneficial to use on the feet. You can also choose different sizes of balls for different intensities of massages. Smaller balls can help you concentrate the pressure on a smaller area of the painful muscle group.

You can choose a bigger ball to use on the shoulders or the back. You will need to trap the ball between a wall and your body and then apply the pressure.

For feet, arms, and hands; buy massage balls the size of lacrosse or golf balls. Choose a size that works best for your needs as both the afore-mentioned balls differ a great deal in sizes. For your hamstrings, calves, buttocks, abdomen, back, and neck; choose balls roughly the size of tennis balls.

It is better to use heavier balls as doing so will offer more ease of use. Also, choose a smoother ball to better control its movements. You can choose the hardness of the ball as per your requirements. You may need to use balls with varying hardness for different body parts.

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