How to Use Ice Therapy Machine to Cool Down Your Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatic nerve runs all the way from the lower back to the legs via the buttocks. Any pain in this nerve can radiate through the entire length of it; usually only on one side. But the pain can be extremely severe and require measures such as ice therapy to heal it.

The best way to deliver ice therapy for healing sciatic pain is via special machines. Using an ice therapy machine is very easy, and it can be very effective to provide relief from sciatica symptoms.

Ice Therapy for Healing Sciatica Pain

Sciatic pain can occur along the entire nerve path or a portion of it. The pain can be mildly uncomfortable or be excruciating. The condition can also cause a burning sensation along the path of the pain. It can also cause numbness in the affected muscles. A consistent practice of ice therapy can help a great deal in providing relief from sciatic symptoms.

Ice therapy or cold therapy is the use of freezing temperatures to reduce joint and muscle pain. The freezing cold temperature numbs the site of application by temporarily stopping nerve communication around it. It then leads to a loss of blood supply to the nerves for the time being. The process leads to a reduction in swelling and pain along the path of the nerve.

Use of ice therapy for healing sciatica pain can mean that you no longer need to take pain medicines for relief. Use of pain medicines for prolonged periods is not healthy as it can lead to an addiction to them. Also, using pain medicines for relief is not a permanent solution for healings sciatica symptoms.

Using an Ice Therapy Machine for Healing Sciatic Symptoms

An ice therapy machine is a device to deliver cold temperature over painful muscles or joints. The device is made up of many components such as the pump, tank, healing pad, tube, and the adapter. Brands like IsoComforter use the patented Iso Tube technology to design their ice therapy machines. Use of this advanced technology means IsoComforter machines can deliver ice therapy in the safest and most optimal manner. The healing pads in the IsoComforter machines contain ridges to protect the skin from cold injuries. The healing pad is also designed to provide ice therapy from all sides to the affected area.

To use an ice therapy machine, you need to first fill the tank with ice and water. Then you need to wrap the healing pad around the affected area and switch on the machine. The cold water from the tank travels to the healing pads via the connecting tubes and due to the action of the pump. You need to use it for 15-20 minutes (2-3 times a day) at a time or as recommended by your doctor. But these machines are so comfortable and convenient to use that it is possible to administer ice therapy in this consistent manner without any problem.

For instance, IsoComforter machines come with self-priming pumps and very easy mechanisms. You don’t need to fiddle with the device to make it work. IsoComforter ice therapy machines also do not require replenishing of ice and water very often. So, you can actually sit back and relax or even continue with your work that doesn’t require you to move. For those who need to use ice therapy while traveling or outside the home setting can easily administer it via portable machines.

Yes, the traditional method for cold therapy is to simply use ice packs or frozen pea bags over the painful muscles. But these traditional methods are not as comfortable to use as an ice therapy machine. Imagine holding an ice pack over your back or the leg for 15-20 minutes stretches! If you plan to apply cold therapy 2-3 times a day then using an ice pack can become painful in itself. Then you also have to deal with messy pools of water on your bed or the flood due to melting ice packs.

Ice therapy is a self-care measure that is very helpful for healing sciatica pain. It is possible to find permanent relief from sciatica with consistent use of ice therapy.

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