How to Choose a Cord Blood Bank

When it comes to choosing a cord blood bank; you cannot take the decision lightly. You need to ensure that the cord blood bank you choose is perfect for your requirements in every way. The company also needs to have all the licenses and accreditations in place for storing cord blood.

Consider these tips to choose the right cord blood bank.

Check websites of the best cord blood banks.

Begin your search by checking the websites of cord blood banks in your area. You can search online to find websites and more information about the companies.

Business websites are great resources for finding information about companies and service providers. When looking for a good cord blood bank, pay attention to the following –

 Extensive experience – The bank you choose must have a good amount of operational experience in the field. Some companies have international operations too. If you find cord blood banks with two decades or so of operational experience then definitely find out more about their services.

 World-class facilities – Needless to say, the cord blood bank you choose must be equipped with exceptional and world-class facilities. Storing cord blood requires specialized equipment and automated cord blood storage technology. So, the company you choose needs to stand out when it comes to the storage technology it employs.

If you find a company that uses the Smart Robotic Storage Tank (BioArchive) as its storage technology, then ensure that you find out more about it. It also works in the company’s favor if they own their storage facility.

 Trained professionals – Cord blood banking is not possible without trained professionals; be it doctors, researchers, or technicians. Check the website for details about their personnel. If you don’t find the information on the website, ensure that you seek it out during your initial meeting with each company you choose to visit.

 Highest standards – Cord blood banking is precise and delicate work. There is no scope for errors in this line of work. Contamination, incorrect labeling, or any other mishap can completely undermine your efforts to preserve your children’s cord blood. So, it is important to choose only the best cord blood banks even for your initial consultations.

 Tailor-made plans – The best cord blood banks have different types of plans to suit varied requirements and budgets. Cookie-cutter plans are not suitable for all and may not offer you the full benefits of storing your children’s cord blood bank.

 Upfront pricing information – Trusted companies will offer details about their price points clearly on their websites. They will also include a list of the benefits you get when you choose them or what you get for the amount you spend in storing cord blood with them.

In case you don’t find pricing information on the website, email or call the company for more information. Reliable companies will not hesitate to provide you with upfront pricing for their services.

 Accreditations – The cord blood bank you choose must be registered with the FDA. It should also have the license to operate in the state/s where it has operations. It should follow the standards set by the state for work involving cord blood banking. If the company is also into cell therapy research, it should follow the regulations as per the state’s laws.

Look for other benefits.

Once you have identified a good company based on the above considerations, check what other benefits you get when you choose it for storing cord blood.

 No cancellation fee – Most cord blood banks will charge a cancellation fee, which can be steep. It is good to have the option to cancel the services without paying anything for it

 Research program – It definitely helps if the company you choose invests in cell therapy research programs. It is rather useful to find a cord blood bank that prioritizes research to further their services and work, and offer the benefits to their existing and prospective clients.

 Other types of banking services – It can be rather easier to have one company for storing immune cells and cord tissues.

When it comes to choosing the best cord blood bank, opt for a company with the highest standards possible.

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