Health Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

Smoothies are now more popular than ever. One of the reasons is the easy availability of smoothies in juice bars and cafés. The other reason is the awareness of healthy foods. If you are yet to get on the smoothie bandwagon; it’s still not too late.

Consider these health benefits of drinking smoothies and make an informed choice about your daily nutrition intake.

But first, what exactly is a smoothie?

About Smoothies

Smoothies are different from your usual fruit juices. Smoothies are thicker inconsistency. These nutritious drinks are made with fruits, nuts, leafy greens, oats, coconut meat, etc. Extra fruit juices or milk substitutes are added for consistency and additional nutrition. Almond and coconut milk are popular options. All the ingredients are blended and consumed without straining.

Many people also use low-fat milk or yogurt to make their smoothies. In fact, you can use any number of ingredients as per your preference.

Popular fruits options are berries (use any which is in season), banana, apples, and pineapple. Kale and spinach are most often used for the greens in smoothies. Almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. are also used. Dairy substitutes, orange juice, beet juice, coconut water, etc. are added as additional liquids.

It is best to consume smoothies made from fresh and organic ingredients. For instance; lets’ say you are looking for the best smoothies in Houston. In that case, choose a Houston juice bar that clearly mentions the use of organic ingredients in their offerings. Check their website to know more about their menu before ordering a smoothie from them. A simple online search can help you find the best place for smoothies in your area.

Health Benefits of Smoothies


Smoothies are not strained. So, your drink will contain all the fiber present in the fruits used to make it. The good fiber content in smoothies makes your drink filling and keeps you satiated for long.

For this reason, smoothies are also great options for breakfast. You can get all the nutrition for the morning in a healthy and tall glass of your favorite smoothie.

Good for the Gut

Fiber also keeps your bowel in good health. Without adequate fiber in your diet, you can experience constipation on a regular basis. But during the busy workdays, it is very common for people to simply eat ready meals without much fiber content.

Drinking smoothies every morning can help your body get much-needed fiber. An inconsistency can drink smoothies any time of the day for a filling meal full of fiber and other nutrients.

Nutrient-Dense Drinks

A well-made smoothie packs in all the necessary nutrients in one glass alone. As all the ingredients in a smoothie are blended together and served without cooking or straining; you get nutrition without any loss due to its preparation method.

You get minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits. The seeds and berries contain antioxidants and heart-healthy nutrients. Berries and apples contain flavonoids, which are good for the heart. Strawberries and bananas contain potassium, which regulates blood pressure. Colorful berries are rich in quercetin (a flavonoid), which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Apple is a great source of vitamin A. Pineapple contains vitamin C along with other nutrients. In fact, both apple and pineapple contain good amounts of potassium as well along with some calcium. Vitamin C is essential for healthy gums and to keep cold infections at bay.

Flax seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and coconut contain vitamin E, which is good for the heart and the skin. Almond milk or other dairy substitutes are rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin E.

When you drink smoothies, you get a boost of nutrients in one go.

Anti-Aging Boosters

As mentioned above, many ingredients used in smoothies contain anti-oxidants such as vitamins C, E, and A. Anti-oxidants help to fight free radicals, which cause aging. In fact, all the ingredients used to make smoothies are excellent to fight to age.

Source of Healthy Fats

The body cannot function without fats. You need your daily dose of healthy fats from non-processed food sources for all the body functions. Seeds and nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats that are also good for the heart.

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