Few Qualities You Need to Know Before Purchasing N95 in Bulk

The sudden rise in the demand for N95 masks has given rise to counterfeit and spurious products being sold in the market. Just having N95 written on the mask does not authenticate the product. Here are a few qualities you need to know before going ahead with N95 mask bulk purchase.

Types of N95 masks

There are two types of N95 masks- Standard N95 respirators and Surgical N95 respirators. They are quite similar in appearance but their function differentiates them. A comparison between two can give you a clear idea about both N95 masks.

Understand the difference between Standard N95 respirators and Surgical N95 masks

Standard N95 Masks

The primary difference between both N95 masks is their fluid resistance capabilities. Health workers involved in patient intake and non-emergency patient evaluation pose little risks of generating high-pressure steams of liquids. For medical staff performing such duties, the potential hazard comes from airborne droplets that may contain bacteria and viruses that are generated through coughs and sneezes.

The standard N95 respirator reduces the wearer’s exposure to particles including large droplets (non-aerosols only) and small aerosol droplets. It filters out 95% of airborne particles including small and large particles.

Surgical N95 masks

Doctors and medical staff involved in the surgical procedure are exposed to high-velocity splashes, sprays, a splatter of body fluids, or blood while performing their duties. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of a surgical N95 mask for such people.

The surgical N95 mask provides the wearer protection from sprays of body fluids or other hazardous liquids. It also protects the wearer from large droplets and respiratory emissions from the patient. Besides offering the wearer respiratory protection, the surgical N95 respirators also contain expelled particulates.

Approval Standard for N95 masks

During N95 mask bulk purchase, you need to pay attention to the approval standard for N95 masks. Here are the approval standard followed by different countries for N95 masks.

· GB2626-2006 – it is the approval standard followed by China for Non-powered air-purifying particle respiratory masks.

· EN149: 2001 – it is European standard followed for Filtering half masks to protect against particles.

· NIOSH N95 – it is the US approval standard for Non-Powered Air Purifying Particulate Respirator.

· AS/NZS 1716 – it is the approval standard specified by Australia and New Zealand for respiratory protective devices.

The manufacturer mentions the approval standard followed for the N95 masks. You need to check the country of manufacturing and check the approval standard mentioned on the packaging or the product to ascertain the genuineness of the N95 masks you are purchasing.

NIOSH- certified license manufacturers

Only NIOSH certified license manufacturers are permitted to manufacture N95 masks. You need to check the list of manufacturers certified by NIOSH for licensed manufacturing of the N95 masks. If the name of the manufacturer on the N95 mask does not appear in the NIOSH certified licensed manufacturer list, the lot of N95 masks you are purchasing may not be genuine.

Typical markings on genuine N95 masks

Most markings on the N95 mask are printed on the face region of the mask. A genuine N95 mask will have the following markings.

· The N95 masks will have a TC-approval number

· The masks mention NIOSH filter series ( in this case N95) followed by alpha-numeric rating followed by filter efficiency level( e.g. N95)

· The NIOSH name in block letter or the NIOSH logo is imprinted on one of the sides of the face region of the mask

· On one side of the N95 mask, you should find the Lot number and the model number of the N95 mask

· The N95 mask will also mention the approval holder’s business name. You may see the registered trademark of the approved business holder name or an understandable abbreviation. If the product is privately labeled, you may see a private label name or logo instead of the approval business holder’s name.

A genuine N95 mask with NIOSH approval will have markings shown in red. The N95 mask may not have markings in black.

These are a few qualities that you should know before N95 mask bulk purchase. Do you’ve any questions?

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