Features That a Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment Should Have

The gym offers a wide range of activities, and therefore, the people that come here have various goals set for themselves. For instance, some people may pursue heavy lifting, while others are into crossfit (the hype of today’s workout world). Some may even just want to fit in a basic run on the treadmill into their schedule before calling it a day. So, when it comes to choosing the right gym bag for you, keep this in mind: choices are truly subjective.

It’s All Relative…

Now, everyone wears running shoes while at the gym (or some other kind of specialized footwear, even). If you’re going to work directly after your workout, or stopping by the gym after work, you’ll need a gym back with a dedicated shoe compartment. Now, what kind of gym bag with shoe compartment is also tough to decide because there are just so many options!

If you’re going to the gym just to hit the elliptical for a half-hour and then go back home, you won’t need to pack much in your gym bag. What you carry to the gym in what kind of bag depends entirely on the kind of workout you specialize in. But let’s keep it this way: if you have plans to go elsewhere post-workout, you’ll need a specialized bag with enough room for the rest of your belongings. Which aspect is the most important in terms of ample space? You guessed right; the shoe compartment!

Ideal Gym Bag Features

Now that we’ve narrowed it down to a gym bag with a shoe compartment, what are the other features you must look for in your ideal gym bag? Let’s find out:

1. Size

The size of your bag is a very subjective term, depending on what your daily schedule is and what kind of bag you prefer personally. While buying a gym bag that already has a shoe compartment, consider the right size for you. You can do this by making a list of potential “carry-along” you cannot do without, such as gym shoes, workout attire, hygiene items, and your water bottle. Further, make sure it is the ideal size to fit your gym locker or any other storage unit you may use.

2. Material

The second most important aspect is to consider the material it is made of: make sure it is easy to maintain (since you’ll be using it on a daily basis) and is easy to clean. For instance, if you go out for a run and throw your gym shoes into your gym bag, you don’t want to spend too much time scrubbing your bag in an effort to clean it. Rather, if you ensure that it is made of materials that are easy to scrub away the dirt and grime, you’re all set! There are many materials that make up great gym bags with shoe compartments (such as Nylon, Leather, Polyester, and Canvas)- make sure to pick the one that is easiest to clean, which are nylon and canvas!

3. Odor Resistant

No one likes the smell of sweat, let alone sweaty feet. Your gym shoes are bound to get sweaty after a nice workout, so when you toss them into your gym bag, you want to make sure that the bag doesn’t spread the smell to other compartments as well. There are many gym bags with a shoe compartment that are odor-trapping. Make sure to buy those.

4. Compartments

Not only is a shoe compartment super necessary, you’ll also need separate compartments to store other belongings (especially if your trip to the gym is a pit-stop). This would be to keep your belongings organized but also help prevent them from getting mixed up with your sweaty workout attire and footwear. So when you’re looking for bags, look for multiple compartments- preferably with small compartments too, to store your keys, phone, and a separate mesh water bottle holder.

5. Comfort

And lastly, never compromise on comfort. Along the same lines as our first point, size, make sure you get yourself a gym bag with a shoe compartment that isn’t terribly difficult to lug around from place to place. Keep in mind that bags get old, too, meaning their handles or shoulder straps get uncomfortable with time. Make sure to consider all these factors before getting yourself the perfect gym bag with a dedicated shoe compartment!

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