Can Ice Therapy Machine Heal Shoulder Injury?

Cold therapy is a helpful remedy for treating orthopedic trauma such as shoulder injuries. However, it needs to be delivered in the right manner to be effective. An ice machine for shoulder is a device designed to deliver cold therapy to the shoulder joint. Yes, the traditional way is to simply make an ice pack at home and use it for cold therapy. However, using ice packs or frozen vegetable bags is simply not effective in delivering cold therapy for the speedy healing of orthopedic injuries. Ice therapy machine help administer cold therapy in the most optimal manner.

Cold Therapy for Shoulders

Recovery after shoulder injuries can take up a long time. Depending on the nature of the injury, the rehabilitation program can include cold therapy, exercises, medicine, and adequate rest. Even minor shoulder injuries can be painful and cause problems for life if not treated well.

Shoulder trauma can include surgeries (shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair, etc.), fractures, tissue injuries, and pain. People in professions requiring extensive use of computers, tools, and heavy machinery often experience recurring pain in their shoulder joints. Athletes or anyone working out intensively on a regular basis can experience soreness in the shoulder muscles post their exercise sessions. Cold therapy can help heal all these types of trauma if administered properly.

Cold therapy works by temporarily reducing blood supply to the site of application. It occurs when the freezing temperature numbs the nerves and halts communication between them for the duration of the cold therapy application. When the blood supply to a particular muscle stops, the body begins to heal it through its natural mechanisms. The result is a reduction in swelling and pain in the tissues. The process helps speed up recovery after orthopedic surgeries, injuries, and muscle pain. Cold therapy can be extremely helpful in healing the shoulder joint when used as recommended by the doctor or as needed.

Cold therapy can provide relief from pain without the excessive need for medicines. Cold therapy can also speed up recovery; enabling patients to begin their physical rehabilitation program without any delays.

Using an Ice Machine for Shoulders

An ice machine for shoulders is designed to work effectively on the entire shoulder joint. The ice machine or the cold therapy unit for shoulders comes equipped with a healing pad that can cover the entire shoulder joint. Companies such as IsoComforter manufacture ice machines for shoulders with pads offering cold therapy from all sides instead of just on the top of the joint.

Ice machines have tanks that need to be filled with ice and water. As you plug in the machine, the pump begins to circulate the cold water from the tank to the healing pad.  IsoComforter uses the patented Iso Tube technology in its ice machines. The use of this advanced technology ensures that the delivery of cold therapy is done in a safe and the most efficient manner. The IsoComforter healing pads consist of ridges that allow for optimal delivery of cold temperature without the risks of injuries from freezing temperatures. The self-priming pumps in IsoComforter machines make using the devices even easier. You don’t need to resort to any heavy mechanical work to use the machine.

The Effectiveness of Ice Machines for Healing Shoulder Injuries

So, what makes ice machines more effective in delivering cold therapy than the use of ice packs? The simple answer is the use of technology.

Use of ice machines is simply a better way to administer cold therapy. Ice packs can be inconvenient and messy. It is simply uncomfortable to hold an ice pack in place for 15-20 minutes several times a day for healing post-surgical trauma. Doing so even once a day for treating sore muscles can be quite uncomfortable.

Ice packs can melt and drip water on the surgical wounds; increasing your chances of contracting the post-operative infection. Their use can also cause quite a mess on the floor or the bedding. The unevenness of the ice packs is also not very helpful for delivering cold therapy to the shoulders or any other joint in the body.

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