Advantages of an Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion

indoor tanning bed lotion

Indoor tanning salons stock a huge variety of indoor tanning bed lotions. They have exotic names that make customers think of dark, smooth, and luxurious skin. Each indoor tanning bed lotion makes a different claim around the deepness of the tan, how moisturizing it is, or how long the tan will last.

What Are Indoor Tanning Bed Lotions

Indoor tanning bed lotions are formulated specifically for use in indoor tanning beds. They work by increasing the blood flow to the area and increasing melanin production within the skin. Melanin is a pigment produced by skin cells called melanocytes. For people with darker skin, these melanocytes produce more melanin than people with lighter skin. Indoor tanning bed lotion increase the production of melanin, which causes the skin to darken.

Some indoor tanning bed lotions also contain bronzers that stain the skin or react with dead skin cells to create a darker color. These bronzers are useful for extending the length of time a tan remains dark.

Indoor tanning bed lotions do not contain any SPF protection and are not meant for outdoor tanning. They are only meant to be used in a tanning bed, where skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays for a much shorter period of time.

Advantages of Indoor Tanning Bed Lotions

There are many advantages of using an indoor tanning bed lotion before tanning and in between tanning appointments. Here are a few:

1)  Speed

Most indoor tanning bed lotions have tan accelerator ingredients included that speed up the tan. They are formulated specifically to increase the speed in which a tan develops. Many indoor tanning bed lotions that include accelerators continue to darken the skin after the tanning session is over.

2)  Moisturizing

Many people don’t realize it, but tanning is incredibly drying for the skin. The best indoor tanning bed lotions contain many moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, hemp seed oil, silicon, cocoa butter, and argan oil. Dry skin does not tan well, and flaky skin shortens the length of time that the tan lasts. Keeping skin moisturized before tanning and between tans is incredibly important to maintaining a beautiful tan.

3)  Increases Time Between Tans

Applying indoor tanning bed lotions before a tan and between tanning sessions slows down the speed of the tan’s fade. Moisturizing ingredients along with bronzers in the lotions keep the skin glowing for a longer period of time. As dry, dead skin is sloughed off, the tan appears to fade. Indoor tanning bed lotions keep the skin moisturized and less likely to slough off.

Indoor tanning bed lotions that include bronzers and other sunless tanning elements as ingredients keep the skin looking even more tanned between tanning sessions. Applying these lotions every few days will help to keep the skin tanned for longer.

4)  Saves the Tanning Bed

Outdoor tanning lotions and sunscreens will damage indoor tanning beds. Salons have strict rules to protect their equipment. The ingredients in outdoor suntan lotion will both damage the material that the bed is made of and cover it with a film that reduces the effectiveness of the bed. Indoor tanning bed lotions are formulated to not only protect and enrich the skin, but also to protect the equipment that the lotions are in contact with.

5)  No Sunscreen Required

With indoor tanning, sunscreen is not required. Using outdoor tanning lotions in a tanning bed will reduce the bed’s effectiveness by blocking UVA and UVB rays from reaching the skin. Indoor tanning bed lotions help to increase the effectiveness of the tanning bed’s rays to increase the speed and longevity of the tan.

Are Indoor Tanning Bed Lotions Necessary?

Indoor tanning bed lotions are not required for indoor tanning, but they are strongly recommended. If the skin is not properly nourished, it will not tan effectively, nor will the tan last for very long. Properly preparing the skin before a tan and in between tans is the only way to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting color. Using an indoor tanning bed lotion regularly that includes bronzing ingredients will enhance the color and longevity of any tan.

Tanning salons sell a wide variety of indoor tanning bed lotions, but often a better deal and more selection can be found online.

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